Because the magnificent Ottawa River is worth protecting.

When more than 350 unabashed river lovers arrived for our 2015 Riverkeeper Gala something magical happened. A heretofore inaccessible industrial site in the middle of the river became the coolest place in town – uniting English, Québécois and First Nations guests around a shared passion for freshwater protection.

Canada’s Ambassador to Ireland and 2015 Honorary Riverkeeper award recipient Kevin Vickers, a man roundly regarded as a national hero for his selfless actions when a gunman stormed Parliament Hill, spoke movingly about the healing powers of rivers and his need to return home to the shores of the Miramichi River for solace after the life-changing events on October 22nd. Canadian hero Kevin Vickers spoke about the therapeutic power of his home water, the Miramichi River. After his speech guests were able to discuss the future of the Ottawa River with each other and celebrate its beauty.


Watch the full speech here.