Embracing YOUR RIVER

Your love of the Ottawa River attracted Alexandra Cousteau who travelled the Ottawa river with a crew of talented filmmakers. They captured the dedicated people and magnificent places that make up our beautiful river while raising awareness of watershed-wide issues.


You got up early on the weekend and headed out to shoreline cleanups and numerous other events and fundraisers in your communities all in the name of a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future. Picking up trash together today keeps the river clean for all us tomorrow.

Reporting concerns

When you saw something that didn't look right in or around your river, you called our Pollution Hotline so we could help you report the problem and put a stop to the harm.

reducing POLLUTION 

Thanks to the support from forward-thinking companies like LUSH and your petitioning, the federal government announced their proposal to add microbeads to the list of toxic substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. This step towards eliminating this source of pollution proves how strong your voice is when we speak together for the river.

Plunging in

The second annual Riverkeeper 4K open water swim brought 58 endurance swimmers and 40 volunteers from the shores of Quebec to Ontario proving that water quality knows no borders. The swim highlighted the need for collaboration and action on both sides of the Ottawa River.